África, nuevo horizonte para las empresas españolas


africaCurrently we can say that year 2013 has been the year of the Spanish companies in Africa, and that during 2014-2015 the trend will be positive, which promises greater presence of Spanish companies and products in the region according explains the African Economic Outlook report 2014.

Statistics show that exports of Spanish companies to Africa for the first time exceeded those made in Latin America. In parallel, the presence of Spanish companies in infrastructure development projects in African countries is growing.

According to the report, Africa’s growth could reach 4.8% this year and 5% or 6% in 2015. These positive trends in Africa reflect the growth potential of the African continent to foreign trade and development business.

This forecast throws findings that point to a more diversified by increasing domestic demand, population growth, stimulating investment in new infrastructure and trade in manufactured goods, caused by the lack of industry on the continent.

This notable participation of Africa in international trade is boosting its economic transformation and causing a positive human development that improves the quality of life of people and their chances of upward mobility.