Las empresas españolas generan beneficios y empleo, pero en el extranjero


blogThe internationalization of Spanish companies in the past 6 years has been the escape of the global economic crisis. Searching overseas markets has allowed resisting, both the median and large companies, the debacle.

The change in the way we do business in Spain is evident. Leading companies in Spain related to the industry, construction and trade have reaped great benefits to its foreign subsidiaries so far in 2014. At the same time, they have generated 1.2 million jobs overseas.

In parallel, international trade has grown exponentially causing companies in Spain get to reach 93% of its profits from sales turnover in other countries.

Regarding the regions that are further collaborating in this expansion, Latin America and Africa are identified as major markets. The large increases in infrastructure demand and increased consumption of goods in these areas of the world have attracted the attention of Spanish companies that saw the possibilities in Spain were drained.

The European Union remains the largest recipient of Spanish products; however the vast majority of companies have chosen to open subsidiaries abroad to enable it to fully carry out their activity.

In relation to the mobility of the human factor, the engineering sector is the main engine of movement. The training and experience of the Spanish engineers are in high demand at a time when the domestic professionals market is saturated. This alternative of employment is highly regarded and many professionals choose to face new challenges abroad.