¿Contrato en país de origen o en destino? Lo que debes saber sobre las autorizaciones de trabajo en España (Parte II).


blogAs we mentioned last week, this article will continue discussing the different ways to obtain a work permit in Spain. Given that both the Authorization under transnational provision of services and the Residence Permit for intra-firm transfer do not require a local contract to be awarded, today we will post those characteristics and conditions of those work permits that require local labor contract.

Initial Authorization for temporary residence and work in paid employment permit.

This is a temporary residence permit and work requests for an employer hiring a worker who is not an EU citizen and therefore is not residing in Spain. The authorization will last for one year and may be limited to a certain geographical area and business sector.

Basic requirements:

• The national employment situation allows the employment of foreign workers.

• Having an employment contract that guarantees workers an ongoing activity during the period of validity of the authorization to reside and work.

• That the applicant companies have formalized their entry in the corresponding regime of social security system and are familiar with their tax and social security obligations.

• The degree certificate is duly possession or training required for the practice of the profession is credited.

• That the foreign workers it seeks to hire no criminal record in Spain and in their countries of residence.

Residence Permit for Highly Qualified Personnel.

It is a temporary residence and work permit that can be requested for a foreign worker, no UE citizen, residing outside Spain, to perform a work activity that requires having higher education qualification or at least five years of professional experience. The basic conditions for obtaining it are similar to those required for an application in paid employment; with the difference that the position offered must be within Social Security quotation categories 1 or 2.

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