¿Contrato en origen o en destino? Lo que debes saber sobre las autorizaciones de trabajo en España (parte I).


Mock-Work-PermitUnderstand how migration regulations in each country operate is a complicated issue, so from Expat Advisors, we want to introduce in the field and inform  you about the existing  types of authorizations to work in Spain, their characteristics and differences. This week we will do a review on permits that do not require local hiring in Spain.

First of all, it is important to know that those who are non-EU citizens must obtain a work permit in Spain, but it is not always necessary to have a Spanish labor contract. This condition can vary according to the activity to be performed. The different categories are:

Authorization under transnational provision of services

This is a type of work permit and temporary residence issued for those workers moving to Spain for work form a company established in a non-EU in the following circumstances:

• Displacement under a service agreement.
• Moving between companies of the same group.
• Assignment of highly skilled workers who aim at a construction supervision of a Spanish company, or foreign company based in Spain, to make ​​overseas.

Residence permits for intra-firm transfer

Such authorization enables non-EU nationals who are transferred to Spain as part of an employment relationship, to do this activity in a company of the same group or with which it has signed a contract to provide services. This type of permit is similar to that authorization by transnational provision of services; however, there is a big difference. While the residence permit to intra-firm transfer is valid in all the country, authorization under transnational provision of services can be issued for a specific geographical area and a specific activity.

For more information please contact us. In Expat Advisors we have immigration experts who can help you in order to determine what type of authorization must be request.