Vacaciones y formación profesional: como optimizar los meses verano


Community-manager-de-vacaciones-300x225Increasingly, younger generations are committed to combine vacation and training. These alternatives to summer, is gaining popularity year after year, and are mainly promoted by the universities or training centers, in order to encourage the internationalization of students and enrich their learning through work experience abroad.

Training options are diverse. Since alternatives specialization courses abroad or language courses, to labour practices in companies, international organizations and NGOs, where they give the possibility of learning a language, or strengthen it, and also to gain professional experience.

But the time spent abroad is not only focused on the professional level. Knowing about new customs and new cities enhance personal growth and are a positive contribution in future cover letters, and currently have experience abroad increases the chances of getting a job. The main reasons for this preference by companies when selecting a candidate based on, that spending time away from home allows you to discover who you are and what you want, which shows us more determined when choosing a place of work.

Meet other reality and relate to other people is also positively valued, as it helps to improve social skills and encourages us to be more comprehensive. Moreover, faced with obstacles and deal with them, gives us security and confidence.

Finally, stays abroad have a high added value for companies, because new generations, as well as being more specialized, are offered and constantly willing to move to go abroad for work. Unlike what happened in the past, mobility and change is what motivates future members of the labour market.