Los nuevos desafíos del Departamento de Recursos Humanos


innovacionContinuous and increasingly accelerated internationalization of companies has revealed the traditional way of working in the area of ​​Human Resource Management. Nowadays, professionals dedicated to this area have been faced with a situation to overcome and overwhelmed because of the constant need for international mobility and displacement of employees.

International assignments have become the main problem for HR Directors and their team of specialists. Accustomed to the daily way of working, structured and schematic, where the steps are established by internal rules and defined processes, technicians are confused, especially by the particular flexibility and versatility of international trade relations, as well as by the speed with which new unknown destinations integrate the market and change the business centers.

When talking about international business, international trade and/or international projects, we tend to forget that all these activities are carried out by people. Companies need people and the people create necessities from the company, which invites the constant intervention of the HR department in international business. Nevertheless, lack of expertise in the area of ​​international mobility, and sometimes, the lack of an internal departmental structure focused on the management of international assignments, has generated chaos and frustration. Added to this, is also that there has been a noticeable increase in workload as a result of the movement of people abroad, which has also intensified the feeling of failure of management.

The international management of human resources is not as simple as we usually believe. It involves constant learning and requires a general knowledge of all areas of HR, as well as proactive, flexible and receptive to change attitudes. Without these elements is difficult to get a positive result.

Many companies have found in the outsourcing the management of international assignments a solution to this problem. Thus, go for specialized consultants and experts that support their employees in the process of expatriation, providing a personalized and comprehensive advice, as the ones integrated the team of  Expat Advisors, enables optimization of displacement and economic resources.