Expatriate Management and International Mobility

We offer a comprehensive and customized services

Expat Advisors provides domestic and international travel management services to clients with a very diverse number of relocated employees, which gives us great flexibility to adapt to the needs of our clients and their policy of international expansion or domestic transfers.

Thanks to the experience and versatility of our team, Expat Advisors is the perfect choice for the efficient management of your relocated employees, within the following service areas:

Assistance prior to arrival

We carefully listen to the expatriate employee to solve all the doubts and requirements before arrival, with the aim of providing orientation in everything that is necessary to start a new life in an organized, and above all, quiet way.

Assistance upon arrival

We offer a comprehensive service on arrival, which includes from the orientation of zones, search of housing and schools for the children, as well as the management of necessary formalities for the employee to feel perfectly accommodated at home, such as the connection of supplies, opening bank account, decorating the home, babysitting, domestic service and everything needed.

Assistance during the stay

We provide support during the stay of the expatriate and his family in the new destination and we take care of the arrangements that he needs, as well as we solve the incidents of the day to day in a fast and efficient way.

Assistance upon depart

We solve all the necessary procedures so that returning home for the expatriate employees, is a confortable, calm and without disturbances experience. We carry out everything related to housing, as well as personal management, ranging from the termination of the lease and recovery of bonds to cancellation of services, supplies, insurance and closing of bank accounts among others.