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Legalización de documentos: Apostilla de la Haya y Legalización Diplomática

One of the issues that they face to expatriates who move to another country, to work, to live, or both, is the preparation of all the documents that we are required to obtain the appropriate visa or permit. Within this documentation collection, there is a requirement that we must fulfill, which is the legalization of …


Panamá, enclave empresarial para los expatriados españoles

More and more Spanish companies that have among their plans to increase its investment in Latin American countries, with the subsequent transfer of its workers abroad. Panama is becoming one of the most attractive destinations for Spanish companies. In fact, it is especially relevant that 81% of companies believe that their turnover will surpass the …


Bienvenidos al blog de Expat Advisors

Welcome to Expat Blog Advisors, the meeting point of human resource professionals in the management of expatriates and information portal and guide for expatriates and their families who move to new destinations. In Expat Advisors are specialists in providing services to companies that move their workers to new destinations and want to achieve a successful …

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