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Tarjeta Sanitaria Única para toda España

It was on February 29, 2012, when all the Counselors of Autonomous Health came to the same agreement: the issuance of a single health card for all users of the National Health System, which, it has been realized with Royal Decree 183 / 2004. In our eyes , it is a very wise decision , …


¿Cómo se vive la Navidad en otros países?

Traditions, beliefs, foods, and flavors … Christmas changes according to the place you are. In Spain the streets light are colored, families gather on Christmas Eve (December 24) and Christmas (December 25). We eat lamb , cabbage, nougat, marzipan , decorate tables with poinsettias, sing carols and decorate the houses with Christmas tree and Bethlehem. …


La Navidad en Panamá

Christmas is coming. Many expatriate workers have to spend the holidays in Panama. For all who have your hearts broken in this post you will find the keys to make yourselves at home. The streets of Panama, the afternoon of December 24, arising from a delightful aroma,  go for a walk is a real treat …


Hora de volver a casa: el proceso de repatriación

After so much time away from home, it is the time for you to come back. After months of effort, lots of joy, moments of unique, unforgettable experiences, but also many sad moments, you have to pack. The Repatriation Process is complicated for both the expatriate worker and his family. Often , the return is …


El shock cultural de los trabajadores expatriados

Culture shock affects all the expatriates either their first relocation process or a worker who has been moved several times abroad. The cultural differences, changes in thinking, language, religion, and customs … cause the expatriate cultural transition to be very complicated process, in which there are several stages. – An emotional roller coaster:  Each expat …


Antes de tu partida: la mudanza de un trabajador expatriado

Has finally arrived this professional opportunity that so much you have struggled. It is time to start planning your relocation process and pack your current life to travel directly to your new destination. The dwelling, school, your finances … ? It is time to make decisions because you move to another country for an extended …


El viaje del expatriado. Los diferentes estados emocionales antes y durante el proceso de relocation

Thanks to your effort and perseverance you have achieved.  A new stage in your life and that of your family. Start your relocation process. From this point, everything will be questions and doubts, housing, finance, schools, new schedules and meals, etc… will arise unexpected and last minute changes, but mostly, you will feel much emotion. …


Ley de emprendedores: La ley de las oportunidades

This week’s article is devoted to a new and recent news that we received after a long process which has lasted two months, which has resulted in the law 14/2013 of 27 September, to support the entrepreneurs and their internationalization, which is considered to one of the most anticipated laws of the current legislature, which …


¿Cómo adaptarse al país de destino?

Prepare for a journey with an airline ticket? Is there a manual that meets the keys to successful integration expatriate in your new country? Many questions with many answers. Here we give some tips for the expatriate employee and their family to adjust daily to their new life: – Explore your surroundings:  -Explore your surroundings: …


Claves para la gestión de la expatriación

One of the major concerns of multinational companies in the search for success in their international expansion strategy is the selection of suitable candidates to lead the international mobility programs. Besides looking for future talent expatriate worker, also look for a proper management of expatriation costs, especially when the worker moves with his family. Here …

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