¿Cómo adaptarse al país de destino?

Prepare for a journey with an airline ticket? Is there a manual that meets the keys to successful integration expatriate in your new country? Many questions with many answers. Here we give some tips for the expatriate employee and their family to adjust daily to their new life: – Explore your surroundings:  -Explore your surroundings: …


Claves para la gestión de la expatriación

One of the major concerns of multinational companies in the search for success in their international expansion strategy is the selection of suitable candidates to lead the international mobility programs. Besides looking for future talent expatriate worker, also look for a proper management of expatriation costs, especially when the worker moves with his family. Here …


Panamá, enclave empresarial para los expatriados españoles

More and more Spanish companies that have among their plans to increase its investment in Latin American countries, with the subsequent transfer of its workers abroad. Panama is becoming one of the most attractive destinations for Spanish companies. In fact, it is especially relevant that 81% of companies believe that their turnover will surpass the …


Bienvenidos al blog de Expat Advisors

Welcome to Expat Blog Advisors, the meeting point of human resource professionals in the management of expatriates and information portal and guide for expatriates and their families who move to new destinations. In Expat Advisors are specialists in providing services to companies that move their workers to new destinations and want to achieve a successful …