Madrid: Traffic restrictions for a sustainable city

This year 2018 has meant a change for the city of Madrid. A city that has adapted and has opted to be an eco-city.

The biggest change that has been made is the Madrid Central project that came into force on November 30th 2018. This project aims to reduce traffic in the city center, encourage the use of public transport and improve air quality.

To be able to drive through central Madrid without a worry, these are the 5 rules that you must know:

  1. 1. Resident: If you are a resident you can drive and park without problems.

  2. 2. Guest resident: Residents can request up to 20 authorizations to be able to leave their guests. They can park in the area for a maximum of 2 hours.

  3. 3. With Label 0: If your car has a label of 0, you will have no problems parking.

  4. 4. With Eco Label: You can park for a maximum of 2 hours.

  5. 5. With Label B and C. With this label you can only park in public and private car parks.

Apart from central Madrid that affects citizens who want to enter the central almond of Madrid, the city council restricts traffic by activating the anti-pollution protocol on days when levels of contamination exceed the WHO recommendation.

The labels are a sticker that will be mandatory from April 24, 2019. They are available in Correos (post office) and have a cost of € 5, upon presentation of the vehicle’s documentation. Through this website you can see what type of adhesive corresponds to your car. 

Due to these measures, there have emerged new alternatives for sustainable mobility. The citizens have a wide variety of sustainable transport options with which to move around the city. You can choose between cars, motorcycles and electric bicycles. All have reinforced their fleet taking advantage of the restrictions. The way this type of rentals work is very simple. The user has to register in the app. In the case of cars and motorcycles, the interested party must be 18 years old and have their driving license validated before registering as a user.

By Martina Familari – Global Relocation Consultant 

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