Gestión de la vivienda de un expatriado


Today begins a new adventure for you. You embark on a new journey to a destination, so far, unknown. New country, new language, new job, new smells and flavors … what’s the first thing that comes into your head when the head of human resources of your company has told you your international assignment: the house, the children, new office…?

You’ve changed chip and only think of all these developments. Most expatriates feel more curious by the novelty, rather than what they leave behind, as in the case of housing. While length of your international assignment, either long or short term, you should not neglect that has until now been your home.

You will have to make decisions, among which are the rental and sale. In both cases, you should assess your absence will not leave you free of occupations, because you have to continue to perform certain tasks that until now were part of everyday life , for example , the technical inspections , cleaning, the condition of the property , possible breakdowns in the supply of electricity, water and gas, etc. .

If you go for rent, once you’ve entered into the lease, you must start with the paperwork of high and low direct debit services and supplies, as well as check the status of housing.

It is important that your new tenants feel at home from the start. We understand that your priority from now on, is the new home and destination.

If you want to leave your home in good hands, in Expat Advisors we have specialized services in housing management expatriate workers. We take care of your home as if it were ours so you can enjoy your new adventure.