Novedades en materia de inmigración en México


With this article, it is intended to address the major developments that have occurred in Mexico, at the level of immigration, beginning with the one which I consider most important, that was the entry into force of the current Immigration Law.

Last May 25, 2011, was published in the Official Journal of the Federation, what was to become the new immigration law in Mexico, but it was not until November 9, 2012, when the act came into force, both the new Law and its Regulations and Guidelines for procedures and immigration procedures, in which are reflected both the requirements, such as the resolution times, passing by the forms of presentation and to publicize the new immigration formats.

The criteria and requirements for the issuing visas, we found specifically in the Regulation of the Immigration Act. The biggest news that we find is the simplification of the processes immigration of people arriving or residing in Mexico. In this regard, it is worth noting, the reform carried out the respect to the immigration system that was in effect then, where it has gone from having more than 38 immigration forms, 3 conditions of stay and 7 modalities. The conditions of stay are: Stay of Visitor, temporary residence or permanent residence.

During the month of October 2013, we found that the National Immigration Institute (INM), held calls check to representatives of the companies that sponsored work visas in Mexico for jobs, in order to ensure that the employer actually supports these requests, which could result in delays in the granting of authorizations, in the case that it cannot be located a simple way to legal representatives who promote such visas to work in Mexico.

In a separate event, from October 10, 2013, The INM took the decision to retain the originals of the Acts of the Civil Registry Records, entering the Institute, in order to accredit the family bond when you request a document of immigration for economic dependents per household.

Another innovation that has recently been introduced, in particular on January 1, 2014, is that minors, who travel outside of Mexico in the absence of their parents or legal guardians, must carry with them a special permit to leave the country. This measure is applicable to both Mexicans and foreigners with a residence in Mexico.

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