El proceso de relocation con niños


Moving abroad to face a new professional challenge is a complicated process for expatriate workers, but what happens with the children? It is important that the youngest of the family are ready for change and feel involved in it, the same, so as to avoid that the change could be traumatic.

Where do you begin? How to tell them? Here we give you some tips to deal with your relocation process with children:

– It is very important that the whole family is informed from the beginning of the transfer, in order to begin to familiarize yourself with the change, language, schedules, and meals, and home.

Time to say goodbye: The farewell is very tough for both parents and children. Therefore, we must turn it into something exciting and fun. For example , organized a small party with friends , encourage them to take pictures with which to decorate your new room , remind them to keep in touch with them is fun , that when they arrive at your new home will have many new things to tell about …

New home: the first step to being able to be integrated is to create a new home. Take time to be able to explore all together the area to which you transferred their possibilities in regard to schools, transportation and recreational areas and try to make your new home, your new home. Let the kids bring their pets, their favorite toys and to decide for themselves how it will be your new room.

The school: once we know where we will live, children should know their new school, as its location, the schedules, after-school activities it offers. Once you´re already installed, accompany your kids or children to school during the first few days to help them feel more relaxed. The first few weeks can be difficult and require greater attention from you: talk to them, ask them about their new classmates, teacher, etc. . . .

The Environment: Help your children to know their new destination. Organizes small visits or trips to parks , libraries , stores , sports facilities , museums , shopping malls, teach them where they will be able to make their next birthday party , etc… so they can enjoy their new surroundings with family and new friends.

In Expat Advisors care to detail the process of adapting to your new destination. So, we have specific integration programs for families and smaller courses, seminars, networking sessions and cultural mentoring.